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Children and Teens

Children coloring

Ages 2-12

Our clinicians have a lot of experience and education working with children. It is a requirement to have parents involved in the treatment (i.e. attending sessions, playing and interacting with child while observed). 

Treatment modalities include: play therapy, sand tray therapy, role playing and art therapy, etc.  


Ages 13-17

Our clinicians work directly with teens/adolescents through a non-judgmental and compassionate approach. Being a teen is hard! Especially with social media and technology at the forefront of many issues today. We encourage parents to be involved as much as the teen wants them to be and the goal is always to create healthy pathways of communication.

Studying Together

Young Adults

Young adults are often going through adjustments into adulthood when they come to see us. We are here to listen offer support for all of the life changes (i.e. college, moving out for the first time, first job, etc.). 

Treatment modalities include: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Art Therapy, etc.

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